One Mitzvah at a time.

This simple concept is so important being that doing the mitzvot plays such a vital role in living out Judaism. So often Torah observance is presented as an all or nothing proposition, either you are Torah observant or you’re not. This approach can turn a lot of people off to pursuing a Torah life.

So then wherever you are in your Torah journey you can find a new mitzvah to add to your life and over time add one more and so on and so on (there are 613 mitzvot so there is a lot of on and on and on).

So this is our task find some new way to walk Torah and honor God this week:

1. Lighting Shabbat candles

2. Helping those in need

3. Studying Torah

4. Davenning

5. Giving to your synagogue

6. Buying kosher food

7. Putting a mezuzah up

These are simple acts and baby steps in infusing holiness into our lives.

So then let’s get doing our mitzvot, one mitzvah at a time!