The Paradigm Shift

In the twenty-first century, can a movement born out of Christianity
become a kind of Judaism?

Mark Nanos, from his endorsement of Postmissionary Messianic Judaism

by Rabbi Dr. Mark Kinzer


In his endorsement of Kinzer’s book, Nanos lays out a question that we who are seeking to build a Messianic Judaism are striving for and that is to build a mature and credible 21st century Judaism out of a movement that was spawned from our evangelical Christian past.

This is what a Messianic Judaism is. It truly is a paradigm shift and a complete change from one religious grounding (Christianity) to a new grounding that being Judaism, Messianic Judaism.

We have seen this transformation beginning with the early Hebrew Christians, coming to embrace their “Hebrewness” in the context of their Christian faith.

This later led to the recognition of Hebrew Christians that they were Messianic Jews that led to the birth  of the modern Messianic Jewish movement that more fully sought to grasp onto a Jewish life and worldview.

We now are seeking to take the next step and see ourselves and our movement as not just a “Hebraic”, “Hebrew Christian” or the “Jewish Church” but a full member of the Jewish world and a Torah responsive Jewish faith community,

a Judaism that honors Yeshua as the Messiah.

This is a journey and something that we are seeking to move toward.

May we do the work that needs to be done!