Passing of the torch to the next generation.

Originally posted on January 17, 2005


The future of Messianic Judaism, the future impact that we can have in our Jewish world and our impact on the whole of creation by playing our role in bringing about the consummation of history for all humanity will have alot to do with the actions of those of us who are in their 20’s and 30’s now who will have to be the future Messianic rabbis, scholars, teachers, writers, song writers, musicians, shabbat school teachers and all the various roles in our community and synagogal life.

For awhile I and others of this age group have acknowledged that we are the ones to take Messianic Judaism into the future and to continue the work and expand on it and see a true Messianic Judaism for the future which is a Jewish life intrinsically united with the life and power of our righteous Messiah, Yeshua. Though talk is great and our acknowledgment of our role to play in the future is important, it is now time to make our words into actions.

For this to become a reality and for us to take up the torch of Messianic Judaism into the 21st century and beyond we need to do the following (not exhaustive):

  1. Find a mentor for teaching, training and encouragement.
  2. Find your spiritual gift (your mentor and peers can help you discover this).
  3. Seek education and training to more effectively use your gifting.
  4. Put your gifting to use.
  5. Make prayer for the building of a mature Messianic Judaism a daily commitment.
  6. Serve in your synagogue.
  7. Seek peers for prayer, education and encouragement.
  8. Encourage your rabbi and leaders who are currently in leadership.

For those currently in leadership for us we need you to:

  1. Seek out future leaders to mentor.
  2. Assist us in discovering our gifting and encourage us to use our gifts.
  3. Make opportunities for us to use our gifting in the synagogue and community.
  4. Give us feedback, both positive and negative, so that we can learn and grow to be the leaders that we need to be.
  5. Join us in daily prayer for the building of a mature Messianic Judaism.

This passing of the torch involves the current leaders preparing us to receive the torch and for them to pass it on to us and then for us to accept the torch and our responsibility to take our awesome role of being the ones in which the future of Messianic Judaism will rest and also the opportunity that we can play a role in changing our world for God like the first generation of Jewish believers did in their world by their faithful service. Beyond just our movement we can change the course of human history as we build a mature Messianic Judaism and reunite the breach of Jewish life from faith trust in Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel. This is both a joy and an overwhelming responsibility but it is our job and we must do it, if we are truly focused on living God honoring lives and playing our role in God’s plan of the ages.

So then the time has come for us to step up to be the next generation of leaders. We must do what is needed to be prepared to take the torch and for those current leaders you need to do your part to train us and then to give us the torch and allow us to enter our role to play in the future of our movement.

This is a group project and we all must do our part!

So then let us begin doing what needs to be done so that we can magnify and sanctify the name of our God by building a mature Messianic Judaism for the future.