The Theology of the Four Gospels

...toward a messianic judaism

The Theology of the Four Gospels  by R. Sean Emslie from


The Four Gospels present four distinct accounts of the life of Yeshua based on the writer’s experience and his audience. Matthew, Mark, and Luke are called the Synoptic Gospels based on their similarities though as we see there is distinctiveness of each book. The Gospel of John stands alone as a unique gospel account as a later account that according to Eusebius, “John set out to write a spiritual Gospel focusing on Yeshua’ transcendence as Lord and the very Word of God made manifest in the world” (Schaff & Wace (Eds.), 1890, Eusebius XIV:7). The Four Gospels show us four distinct ways of presenting the gospel message based on different audiences with differing cultures, Biblical knowledge, and relation to the Jewish People that can be instructive to us as we present the Gospel today to like the Gospel writers…

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