Messianic Synagogues – Judaism for All Jews

If we are going to build a mature Messianic Judaism for the future then one of the most important building blocks to that end will be the building up of our current Messianic synagogues and planting new ones that embody the values of a mature Messianic Judaism.

These values include:

  • a place for all Jews to attend and be accepted.
  • a place grounded in Jewish space.
  • a place where the Torah is honored and lived.
  • a place where Jewish tradition is respected.
  • a place where Yeshua is glorified and is followed as our example.
  • a place where all is done to sanctify the Name of the God of Israel.

Of vital importance is that we begin to see Messianic Jewish synagogues not as just one place for Jewish followers of Yeshua to worship, but as the place wherein a Jewish follower of Yeshua will more fully honor God.

The Messianic Jewish synagogue allows for the full living out of a Messianic Jewish life and a life walking God’s Torah, being that Jewish life is to be lived within community. A Messianic Jewish synagogue that reflects a commitment to the above values will fully allow our movement to be what we need to be for the future, a credible representation of a Jewish community wherein the Jewish Messiah is honored.

We can build a mature Messianic Judaism and more than that we must.

So then to our task to build mature Messianic Jewish synagogues for the future and fulfill our calling to build a mature Messianic Judaism for the future!


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