Intentional Messianic Jewish Community

To obey is better than sacrifice
I want more than 
Sunday and Wednesday nights
‘Cause if you can’t come to me every day
Then don’t bother coming at all

As we continue to explore the building of a Messianic Judaism for the future, we need to realize that intrinsic to living a true Messianic Judaism is that it is more than just something we do on Saturday mornings but a lifestyle done seven days a week guided by our Torah.

The above words written by Keith Green, of most blessed memory, who was a Jewish follower of Yeshua who left this world before the Messianic Judaism movement began, and therefore framed his Yeshua faith within the Christianity of his day, lays out that a life of following God is not just attending services but living every day for God. I imagine that if Keith would be living today as a Messianic Jew that I imagine the lyric would be “I want more than Saturday mornings…”.  One of my cherished memories was meeting Melody Green, Keith’s widow at a High Holyday service about ten years ago and she shared that Keith would have loved to participate in Messianic Jewish life if he would have had the opportunity in this world.  He is now living each moment in the radiance of King Messiah.

Though we don’t have Sunday and Wednesday as our days of religious services (common in evangelical Christianity), the lesson we can learn is that there is more to a Messianic Judaism life, more to walking in the way of Torah, than just attending Shabbat services and doing Messianic Judaism for 2-3 hours on Saturday mornings. Messianic Judaism is a life of walking Torah every day and is more than just being a Sabbatarian, but a Jewish life of walking a Torah life each day.

So how can we consciously build up a daily walking in Torah ways?

The key is a community, being that Judaism is to be lived communally. We need to seek to build up chavurot, Erev Shabbat gatherings, home study groups and even seek to build intentional communities of Messianic Jews living together, either in shared housing, in the same apartment building or houses in the same neighborhood. We need to be in the community to fully live out our lives walking Torah in “the other six days”.

We have to move beyond the “commuter synagogue” model wherein are “community” is grounded in whatever people are willing to travel 20-50 miles to Saturday services and at 2 pm, head back to their separate lives.  If we want Messianic Judaism continuity, we have to have Messianic Judaism community.

May we seek to walk in God’s Torah each day and seek to build living breathing 24/7 Messianic Judaism communities!


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