Year 01: The UMJC Conversion Position Paper – The Majority Position, Point 3e


e. Such a practice could easily result in “two-class” mentality among Gentiles in Messianic synagogues – the inner circle of converted Gentiles and the larger group of the “less committed.”

 The above point seems to be trying to create a problem that in all reality would not exist with proper teaching and congregational leadership. If there is a Messianic Jewish conversion process, and a non-Jew were to go through this conversion process then the non-Jew would become a Jew and, therefore, there is no “two class” problem, we are back to where we are now and that is Jews (both by birth or conversion) and the non-Jews.

It appears that we are dealing in various ways with the Jew/non-Jew issue in our synagogues and a Messianic Jewish conversion process would not create a new issue.

This can only be an issue if there is a lack of rabbinic leadership and guidance of the synagogues and, therefore, any problems are the fault of lack of leadership by the synagogal leadership and not the fault of a well thought Messianic Jewish conversion process.


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