Year 01: The UMJC Conversion Position Paper – The Majority Position, Point 3c


3c. Gentile believers who feel a strong identity with the Jewish people may join Messianic synagogues, participate in congregational life, and thus express a high degree of identification without actually becoming Jews. Conversion becomes unnecessary.

Though this is true that Gentile believers can express a high degree of identification with Jewish people via their involvement with the life of a Messianic synagogue, yet without a conversion process there is a roadblock to the ultimate identification with the Jewish people by joining the people of Israel like Ruth and others who before have cast their lot with Am Israel.

This roadblock that bars the committed non-Jew from joining Israel is problematic for the non-Jew that seeks deeper involvement in the life of the Jewish people, whether that be in fully being a member of the Jewish people, being that their only viable connection is their attendance at a Messianic synagogue.

Like Timothy their is the issue of being able to function in ministry within the synagogue, being that the role of rabbi is exclusively a job to be held by a Jew, therefore without a conversion process this area of service is barred to the non-Jews in our midst who have this calling, yet cannot pursue this as a non-Jew. So then as we are now without a conversion process we are potentially keeping future rabbis from serving our synagogues being they cannot serve in the rabbinic role without being a Jew.

So then there are cases where conversion is necessary for the few committed non-Jews in our midst that would seek a strenuous and thoughtful conversion process. This is a step that we need to take in our move toward being a Messianic Judaism.


2 thoughts on “Year 01: The UMJC Conversion Position Paper – The Majority Position, Point 3c

  1. mele-

    not all rabbi’s are the same, just as not all pastors are the same. they all have different requirements, but their FIRST priority is that you have the intent of living a authentically jewish life forsaking all other traditions.


  2. Can we as a non-Jew actually go through conversion and not give up our Messiah? I am asking this question because I thought to become a Jew meant I had to forsake the Messiah to be a full Jew.


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