Messiah is the goal at which the Torah aims.

Messiah is the goal at which the Torah aims.

– Rav Shaul – Romans 10:4).

The first set of words is fitting because it includes the most vital issue of building a mature Messianic Judaism that being the unbroken connection between our righteous Messiah and the Torah. Though this verse has been used in Christendom as a verse that shows that Yeshua has brought the Torah and works based righteousness to an end, which works off the meaning of the greek word “telos” which can be “end” or “goal”. The above being the rendering by Dr. David Stern in the Jewish New Testament that opts for “goal” signifying that Yeshua came to fulfill and fill full the Torah rather than canceling the Torah. I have even read one Christian commentator that said “Though “goal” is the best rendering for telos in this verse, I feel that we should opt for “end” as it relates to the Law and Christ’s work to end the Law and the legalistic pursuit of righteousness that was replaced by faith in Christ” (I apologize for not giving the commentator’s name).

So then we need to see that we cannot build a mature Messianic Judaism without an unbroken linkage between our Messiah and our Torah. There can be no Yeshua-Judaism dichotomy. God gave the Torah as the way of life for the Jewish people and this is a way of life that survived the coming of our Messiah. The Messiah gave us the example of a life dedicated to God and walking Torah. For us to build a mature Messianic Judaism we must follow our Messiah’s example.

As with other branches of Judaism we must look deeply into what a Torah life means, respectful and filled with gratitude to the Sages that have struggled with the issues of Torah life and also as our distinctive we have the Apostolic Writings (New Testament) as another source for our formulation of Messianic halakha and norms of life.

So then we need to realize that both our “Messianic” and our “Judaism” are an undivided whole and that we are Messianic Judaism, a Jewish religious movement that seeks to live in Jewish space, walking a Torah life and honoring our righteous Messiah that has written God’s Torah on our hearts.

We are privileged to be on this journey and to do this task and it is truly service to our God and as the Aleinu so powerfully declares:

Aleinu l’shabayach la-adon hakol

It is our duty to praise the Master of All

How better to honor and praise our God than to lift Him up by living as he intended as a people walking Torah and living in the example of our Messiah.

Shalom to you all…


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