Developing Halacha – Creating Messianic Judaism for the Future

One of the fruits of the discussions among Messianic rabbis over the issue of Messianic Jewish conversion is seeking to answer the question:

If we are converting non-Jews, what are we converting them to?

The answer to this question is: to Judaism, has led to further questions over the issue of what standards of practice these converts will be called to live and what Messianic Judaism’s halacha will be.

This is an exciting fruit of the Messianic Jewish conversion development process that there is actual discussion and development of a Messianic Jewish halacha and this is an important part of the further maturation of our movement as a Judaism.

This is a vital step in our development to be the Judaism for Yeshua in the 21st century and beyond!

The Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Council ( has made the huge step of working out the bounds of Messianic Judaism life via their Standards of Observance which is a document detailing the development of communal Torah values for Messianic Judaism.

You can read more on the development of Messianic Jewish Halacha and download a copy of the Standards at:


3 thoughts on “Developing Halacha – Creating Messianic Judaism for the Future

  1. The Jewish Halacha specifies that not only are the judges on a beit din must be faithful to Torah, but that the convert must reject idolatry. Since no messianic “rabbi” observes Torah according to Halacha (and themselves are worshipers of a false god of the Christians) and since messianic converts retain the worship of an idol (Jesus) instead of rejecting all avodah zarah, they are merely converting from one denomination from Christianity to another. Sort of like a Protestant who wishes to become a Catholic and must be confirmed and rebaptized into the Catholic Church. They will be as Gentile as before their started and nobody among Jews will accept their false conversion, not even most liberal of Jews will see them as their fellow Jews. And the G-d of Israel will not see them as Jews ever, since they chose to go around legitimate Jewish authorities and retain their idolatry. Because they don’t care about what Jews think about what they are doing.


    1. Gene,

      As to your closing line:

      “Because they don’t care about what Jews think about what they are doing.

      Oddly enough the lack of a conversion program within Messianic Judaism for Gentiles seeking to commit themselves to Judaism fully has been a critique of Messianic Judaism by some leaders within the mainstream Jewish world. They have questioned Messianic Judaism seeking to be understood as an expression of Judaism yet prohibited Gentiles from seeking to become Jews via conversion to Judaism unlike all other streams of Judaism.


      1. I remember reading it – it came from a Reform rabbi if I recall correctly. He was just confused about the whole MJ thing, since it seemed to him that MJ was based on racism because they kept Gentile out of membership, where as in Judaism they could join through conversion. However, in Judaism, we don’t have “sages” like Paul who forbade conversion to Judaism at threat of one losing salvation, saying they were told nullifying what Jesus did by making Gentiles equal to Jews.

        Either way, even for that Reform rabbi, for whom Halacha matter not, I am sure that even he wouldn’t accept MJ converts. He was just criticizing the racism he perceived and hypocrisy of trying to be Judaism but making rules contrary to it.


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