The below is a fascinating article from Jewish Forward.  It raises an interesting question for those of us seeking to build a mature Messianic Judaism for the future, “How can we reach out to an ever increasing Jewish populous where belief in God and observance of Torah is not a part of their Jewish experience?  This was seen in the recent Pew Survey on Jewish Americans that showed that 62% of American Jews understood being Jewish as a culture/heritage and only 15% as religion (23% saw Jewishness as both culture/heritage and religion) and only 19% in a later question seeing that obeying Torah/Jewish Law was essential to being Jewish.

The question comes how can we build a 21st Century Messianic Judaism that can be accessible to more cultural rather than religious Jews?  Can we shape a meaningful Messianic Judaism that can relate to those Jews who are primarily cultural Jews while ourselves staying committed to our belief in God, honoring of the Messiah and growing in Torah ourselves.

Can You Pass Down Cultural Judaism Without the Faith? –


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