Judaism for all Jews

One of the greatest changes and gifts that we as a Messianic Judaism can give to the larger Jewish world is to build synagogues and a Judaism for all Jews (the descendants of Jacob and converts to Judaism).

We can and must build a Judaism where all of the Jewish people will be at home and where Jewish life is lived and celebrated.

This contrasts to the closed nature of most churches as a place of belonging for Yeshua believers only. This openness to all Jews exceeds even outreach wings of Judaism like Chabad that are open to all Jews, except Messianic Jews (from experience I know of many people who have been excluded from local Chabad houses after their Yeshua faith being discovered). Both of these approaches are excluding forces, we must be different from these models.

This is right in line with the values of a post missionary Messianic Judaism, in that our focus would be to build Jewish faith communities for the sake of living Torah faithful lives wherein we acknowlege and honor Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah.

We need to make our Messianic synagogues a place for all in the Jewish community to come to worship the God of Israel, again stand at Mount Sinai and here the words of Torah and for those in mourning to stand within a Jewish community and recite the words of Kaddish.

This is a transformation of the usual view of a Messianic synagogue as an outreach and followup center to us becoming ongoing, living Jewish faith communities wherein Torah study, Torah living, Jewish prayer and Jewish life is our reason for existence.

This is our task to open our doors to all Jews and be the new inclusive home for all the Jewish people and bring glory and honor to our God as we build communities wherein all of Jacob’s seed are called to live Torah and live in the reality of Yeshua, our righteous Messiah who came and will return to take His place as King Messiah and Lord of All.

May we do the work to make this a reality!



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