K20 – The Future of Messianic Judaism Begins Now!

Kehilah 2020–or K20 for short–is an initiative launched in 2010 by the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC) to develop a ten-year plan culminating in the year 2020.  2020 also refers to 20:20 vision, focusing on future leadership.

As one who has devoted most of my life to the cause of Messianic Judaism and especially the building up of the Messianic congregational movement it brought me great joy to hear about the K20 initiative when it was launched in 2010.

The future of Messianic Judaism is now in the hands of those Messianic Jews in their 20’s and 30’s to commit now to being the 2nd generation leaders.  I am actually in-between generations being in my 40’s and see myself as a 1.5 generation leader looking to support the current generation of leaders and spur on those to be 2nd generation leaders.

The K20 initiative allows for next generation leaders to intern for 6 months to 1 year at a UMJC congregation allowing for practical skills learning and also for sharing the interns gifting and education to build up the congregation.  Also available are scholarship funds for training at Messianic Jewish Theological Institute and Netzer David Yeshiva, two approved schools for training rabbis, cantors and teachers for service in the UMJC.

I would encourage all those 20-30somethings who are willing to serve and want to play a role in the future of Messianic Judaism to do at least a 6 month internship with K20.  For those committed to Messianic Judaism leadership I would suggest seeking out a 1 year internship.  Even if your not planning on being a rabbi, cantor, teacher, etc. and are looking at another career a K20 internship can be a powerful step in your life path and will also give you the skills and confidence to serve your local community as a congregant.

As with most things in life this takes money to help pay for the internships where the UMJC will match up to $1,500 per month of the congregations support of the intern.

Ways to help:


We have been blessed by those who came before us and put down the foundation for 21st century Messianic Judaism and now it is up to the next generation to start to step into their place and for those currently have not made that step to step forward to serve in an internship and to get the education and training available from scholarship funds.

As we sadly saw last year with the passing from this world of Rabbi Betzalel Budoff זצ״ל, that the need for next generation leaders is with us now and not for a distant future.  If Yeshua tarries may the first generation leaders continue in fruitful service for many more years but we must also be ready for the transition now to 2nd generation leadership.  So far we have seen some important leadership transitions and I applaud those first generation leaders that have passed the mantle to a new leader.  But this must just be the beginning and this requires us to have next generation leaders trained and ready for service.

But beyond the responsibility of the 1st generation leaders to pass on the mantle there must be someone to take up that mantle and this brings in the responsibility of those 20-30somethings to get training in Jewish Studies at MJTI and Netzer David and also to apply for and serve in a K20 internship.

If we are to have a future we need to have both the current leaders mentoring new leaders and new leaders making themselves available for service.  This is a team effort and is vitally important for there to be a future for Messianic Judaism.

The future is in our hands for the current leaders to find and train new leaders, for new leaders to make themselves available for service and for our congregations and congregants to invest their finances into supporting the educating and internships for our future rabbis, cantors, teachers and scholars.  We all must play our part.

To find out more go to the new K20 website at:



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