2 Religions – 1 Messiah: Bilateral Ecclesiology

There is one body of the Messiah and two distinct ways of worshipping the God of Israel and honoring His Messiah, one for the Jewish people that being Messianic Judaism and one for the Nations of the world, that being Christianity.

The two religious communities are distinct in responsibilities toward God, Israel to order their life by Torah and the non-Jews without required full Torah observance, though basic requirements of Torah set forth in Acts 15.

These distinct ways of life represent two religions that serve to fulfill the calling of the Jewish people and those non-Jews who by faith have trusted in Yeshua.

There is unity in diversity and in having distinct Messianic Jewish faith communities there will be a place for Jewish people to walk Torah and live Torah within a community.

The Messiah can only be fully glorified by these two communities when each walks in God’s ways for them and this can only be done by their being a distinct Torah faithful movement of Jews for Yeshua within Messianic Judaism and a Yeshua faithful community of the Nations of the World within the Church.

May we support the building of these kind of communities!


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