New Beginnings

Last Friday following in the footsteps of my friend and fellow blogger Rabbi Derek Leman began a new beginning for my blog, …toward a messianic judaism or as many people know it “towardblog”.

Inspired by my rabbi and mentor Dr. Stuart Dauermann, I began my blog on 10/24/04.  My first 2 posts after my “Welcome to towardblog” first post were two papers I wrote on conversion to Messianic Judaism and the importance of Messianic Judaism education of which excerpts are currently posted in my first 6 classic posts currently on the blog.  After writing consistently (sometimes 3-5 posts a day) for about 4 years I began to slow down my posts until 2012 with my last original post, all since being reposts.

I have wanted to jump back into blogging to rejoin the blogosphere and to as Derek said revive the Messianic Jewish blogosphere that has waned.  So taking Derek’s example I am looking to start fresh with new posts and also repost classic blog posts from the past.  It was difficult to remove the nearly 500 posts from the past and only repost the 6 on Friday but it also allows me to bring my past material to new life and allow for needed edits in style and thought to follow my journey of the last 10 years.

As towardblog restarts and I join the journey there is always a need for a roadmap and this statement that I wrote over 10 years ago still is my road ahead:

this is a blog that seeks to discuss issues relative to the building of a mature Messianic Judaism
that is firmly grounded in Jewish space
that honors Torah, respects Jewish tradition and glorifies Yeshua, our righteous Messiah
and in so doing magnify and sanctify the name of the God of Israel, who is “the one in whom we live and move and have our very being” (Acts 17:28).

The new adventure begins…


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